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Career Guidance Course

The information you will gather using this course, along with your own feeling of self-worth, should assure you that there is an important place for you in the labor market. Together you and your Consultant/Job Coach will work on finding and achieving the work goals you decide on, but you will make the difference by believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. To achieve your goals you must seize this opportunity to review and redirect your employment options.

Your Consultant/Job Coach will assist you in time management, determining career direction and train you in job seeking skills. They will also provide you with support during your job search process. Select a lesson from the list below. Please note it may take around 30 seconds for lessons to load.


MODULE 1: Time Management

Lesson 1: Time Management for Job Seekers

MODULE 2: Discovering Your Goals

Lesson 1: Documenting Your Personal Information

Lesson 2: Discovering Your Goals

Lesson 3: Getting to Know Yourself


MODULE 3: Job Seeking Skills

Lesson 1: Overview

Lesson 2: Setting the Stage for Your Job Search

Lesson 3: Creating Your Resume